Earlier this week Volvo's heavy duty group showed off a new diesel hybrid bus in Brussels, Belgium. The in-house developed system is a parallel hybrid system designed for use in trucks and buses. As part of the presentation, Volvo also gave details on their Integrated Starter Alternator Motor (I-SAM) that is part of the system. Volvo is claiming their system can provide fuel consumption savings of up to thirty-five percent.

They are also adapting the system to off-road construction equipment like front-end loaders, where they estimate fuel savings could be up to fifty percent. Since these types of vehicles, typically don't travel very long distances, and start and stop a lot, the regenerative braking could definitely yield huge savings. Release after the jump.

[Source: Volvo Group]

At an event held today at the Bibliothéque Solvay in Brussels, Belgium, the Volvo Group presented its internally developed and unique hybrid solution for heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses. The event is part of the Volvo Group's efforts to make commercially viable hybrid technology for heavy vehicles available on the market.
Jan-Eric Sundgren, member of the Volvo Group Executive Committee and Senior Vice President responsible for public and environmental affairs, and Håkan Karlsson, President of the Volvo Bus Corporation, are participating in the event.

Among other activities, the participants can see and test-drive a bus with hybrid drive and, in addition, the Volvo Group's hybrid concept I-SAM (Integrated Starter Alternator Motor) is being presented in detail. I-SAM can provide fuel savings of up to 35% depending on use and driving conditions. The vehicle's maintenance costs can also be reduced through less wear on the braking system. The Volvo Group is also developing hybrid technology for construction equipment such as wheel loaders, in which the fuel savings can be up to 50%.

"The increasing awareness regarding climates issues and the uncertainty regarding the supply of oil, with resulting increased fuel prices, makes our hybrid technology highly attractive for our customers as well as society as a whole," says Jan-Eric Sundgren, responsible for public and environmental affairs in Volvo's Group Executive Committee.

The Volvo Group is a leader in hybrid drive for heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses and in March last year presented a unique hybrid solution that has great potential of becoming commercially viable. Production of the first vehicles is expected to start in 2009.

March 20, 2007

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