LaSorda to Chrysler dealers: Whatever happens will be quick

It already seems as though Chrysler has been on the block forever, yet the juggernaut only started officially rolling a little over a month ago. To those who count on Chrysler for a paycheck, however, news of the potential sale must feel like its been going on for eons. Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda knows the situation is tough for employees and dealers, and at a meeting with the latter in Florida yesterday morning, he gave assurances that if anything happens, it will happen quickly.

The Wall St. Journal quoted one dealer as saying LaSorda "assured us it wouldn't go on," which must provide little relief for these dealers, if any. The way we see it, speculation of a sale has already been unofficially swirling since last fall, and if, in fact, Chrysler is sold quickly, the changeover process will take months, if not years. We're not merger and acquisition specialists, but we're pretty sure there is no way to tear the Band-Aid off quickly when dealing with the sale of a multibillion dollar corporation.

[Source: Automotive News (subscription req'd)]

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