Ford just can't seem to get a break when it comes to their new diesel engined Super Duty F-Series pickup trucks. First they had a conflict with diesel engine supplier Navistar, that stopped engine shipments. Now Ford is having to recall 37.400 trucks that have already been shipped to dealers. Of those 8,400 have been delivered to customers. The problem that triggered the recall is fuel leaking into the exhaust and igniting in the particulate filter, resulting in flames spewing out of the tailpipe.

Apparently there have only been a few incidents, with two involving leaking fuel injectors and the other a cracked turbocharger shaft. For now Ford will address the problem with a software change that will power down the engine if the temperature in the particulate filter gets too high. It sure seems like Navistar is still experiencing quality problems that caused the legal dispute with Ford over warranty costs on the previous 6.0L diesel. Although this particular problem occured in the particulate filter, the root cause is combustible fluids like oil and diesel fuel leaking which could just as easily ignite anywhere in the hot exhaust system.

[Source: Associated Press]

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