Carl's Jr. thinks vehicles have a hunger for self-made biofuels

Who will curb America's dependence on foreign oil? We're not quite sure yet, but burger chain Carl's Jr. will at least play some part in making sure that some diesel vehicles operated by certain Carl's Jr restaurants in Arizona will use self-made biodiesel.
In Arizona, many Carl's Jr. restaurants (52) are owned by MJKL Enterprises, LLC. MJKL announced yesterday that it is committing to "fueling 100 percent of Arizona fleet vehicles with vegetable oil by 2010."

What is left vague is if these vehicles will be using B99 or B20 or what. The company is saying that the vehicles will use an "alternative fuel derived from waste vegetable oil (WVO) collected at their Arizona franchise locations by early 2010." MJKL currently uses a "mixture of diesel and waste vegetable oil that has undergone filtration and treatment using a proprietary process owned by MJKL, LLC" in some of its Jeep, Dodge, and Ford models.

[Source: MJKL Enterprises, LLC]

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