Hummer finally launches in Britain just as pollution tax jumps

This week Hummer launched their first British dealership in Manchester, England and introduced the first right hand drive variant at the same time. The right hand drive is available on the "small" H3 Hummer. Unfortunately for Hummer, a new budget is coming out in England this week and it includes a measure that will hit the H3 and other SUVs hard.

The annual vehicle registration tax will now be graduated for vehicles in various polluting categories. The more a vehicle pollutes, including CO2, the higher the registration fee, with vehicles like Hummers being charged upwards of £400 (~$800) annually. Sport utilities are also being increasingly stigmatized in Britain and Europe as a whole due to their size and fuel consumption. Even the 3.7L H3 can't even manage 20mpg on the highway, and in a land of $6-7 per gallon gasoline, that's not a good place to be. The H3 doesn't even have an available diesel engine, which may as well be the kiss of death in the European market.

[Source: CAR]

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