FlexCar expands with hybrid car sharing in Baltimore

Car sharing service Flexcar has been in operation since 2000 when they launched in Seattle, Washington and they've now expanded into their tenth US city, Baltimore, Maryland. The company is partnering with Johns Hopkins University to provide four hybrid cars that will parked around campus. Members who register get a Flexcard that they can use to unlock the car and get the keys which are kept inside the car.

Cars can be reserved online or by phone and are available for $6 an hour or $60 per day. The price includes gas, insurance and a reserved parking space. It's estimated that each shared car in service takes fifteen privately owned and operated cars off the road. The university partnership is the first stage of a further expansion of the service in the Baltimore area. Flexcar has partnerships with over 600 companies, schools and organizations in the cities where they operate, and offer a variety of different vehicle types including hybrids, SUVs, pickups, and compacts.

[Source: Flexcar via the Auto Channel]

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