Enzo Ferrari's son earns engineering degree

We just got word that Piero Lardi Ferrari, son of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari, has earned his engineering degree at the age of 62. The graduation was marked with a celebration inside the Ferrari factory test circuit of Fiorano. The other employees of the company who were in attendance apparently joked that he now has almost as much intelligence as they do. Perhaps new designs from a true Ferrari family member are in the company's future.
Piero Lardi Ferrari is the extramarital son of Enzo Ferrari and also happens to own a 10% stake in the Ferrari automotive company. Piero was once a part of Ferrari's Formula 1 program, as well. It took Enzo a full 27 years to acknowledge Piero as his true son, but then the younger Ferrari was welcomed into the fold. Enzo had waited until after the passing of his wife Laura to come forward and admit his affair.

Thanks for the tip, Carlos!

[Source: Argentina Autoblog]

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