The Big-O of used car sales: Enterprise teams up with

Although she might not be the spokewoman for any longer, Sabine Ehrenfeld is one minor celebrity we actively look for an excuse to mention. Second only to Nürburg-queen Sabine Schmitz,'s Sabine Ehrenfeld is that super sexy, multi-talented spokesperson that reintroduced us to the Big-O a Christmas or two ago.
Well, that was sort of car-related, but there really is another reason to bring her up. It seems the online clearinghouse for seemingly everything else is getting deeper into the automotive market. Overstock has reportedly signed an agreement with rental giant Enterprise to clear out last year's inventory of fleet vehicles. With 15 million users a day, Overstock represents a huge built-in audience that Enterprise Rent-A-Car has apparently decided might be interested in their cars a,s well. As with other automotive offerings, Overstock will essentially act as a storefront rather than as an actual dealer. Maybe Schmitz will be interested in the spokesperson vacancy.

[Source: Winding Road]

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