Suzuki builds three new factories in India

Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Suzuki Ionis fuel-cell concept

Suzuki Motor Corporation is enjoying a wave of popularity and high sales for its small, inexpensive vehicles in the booming India market. Capitalizing on the growing demand, Suzuki has recently opened three new production facilities on the sub-continent. Fiat-sourced diesel engines and transmissions are being used in many of the vehicles being produced in recognition of the larger share of the market that diesel engines enjoy in India. Suzuki also manufacture many motorbikes for the many consumers in the Indian market who can not afford four-wheeled vehicle.

Analysis: What India really needs are new vehicles that have low emissions as well as good fuel economy to help improve the appalling air pollution found in many of the major cities. Hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles may be too expensive for the Indian market today but I hope that Suzuki are putting particulate filters on those diesels at least.


[Source: Suzuki press release]

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