Lamborghini's future, encapsulated: Versions galore, except a 'Ute

While sharing the stage with the Gallardo Superleggera, Lamborghini's CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, has outlined the future of Italy's raging bull, and for those burdened with disposable income, the future doesn't look half bad.

Lamborghini projects an increase in sales of around 2,300 vehicles in 2007, 350 of which will be the recently unveiled Superleggera. Since the development costs of Lambo's lineup make it difficult to produce new models quickly, we'll be seeing other vehicles adopting the Superleggera's ethos. Specifically, lightweight versions of both the Gallardo Spyder and Murcielago are rumored to bow at this year's Frankfurt and Tokyo auto shows, although the CEO was hesitant to address specifics.

As for new models, we won't be seeing hybrids, turbos or diesels finding their way under the hood, but Lamborghini intends to equip all its new models with four-wheel-drive. According to Winkelmann, that particular feature has become part of the brand's cache, and in addition to providing higher levels of performance, it will further solidify Lambo's identity.

As for a successor to the LM002: don't expect to see it anytime soon. Winkelmann has said that they certainly would like to add an SUV to the lineup, but "the company has other priorities."

[Source: TCC]

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