Aftermarket Mustang folding-hardtop developed

Our reader Mike, tipped us off to an article in the Times of Malta that discusses the development of a hard top folding system for the Ford Mustang. The setup, developed by Peter Muscat, a Detroit ex-pat, folds into what looks like two pieces and resides in the space normally reserved for its cloth counterpart. The powered roof will come down in 30 seconds, although an upgrade will cut off another seven seconds, and won't utilize any space in the trunk, since, according to the article, "golf-mad Americans" wouldn't stand for it.

Five prototypes, ready for prime time, are currently being run through their paces and Mr. Muscat's company plans to build 500 systems over the next six years. According to Muscat, he already has orders for over 100 units.

Whether or not such a system would be utilized as an OEM part remains to be seen, although we doubt the aftermarket manufacturer would take issue with selling the system to FoMoCo for use in the redesigned Mustang, likely to be built in 2009.

UPDATE: We touched base with Ford, which confirmed that it is not involved with, nor does it have details on this particular project. The automaker added that it's always investigating new features and special editions to help feed the Mustang enthusiast desire for more and to maintain its pony car segment leadership.

[Source: Times of Malta via]

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