$99 registration open for smart fortwo, will start under $12,000

European model PASSION CABRIO shown

We alerted you to the fact that smart would be taking $99 reservations for its U.S. bound fortwo and the day has come when you can officially get in line for a fee. A registration page has been set up that will take your vital info, including your drivers license number, as well as what model fortwo you'd like and the color of the body panels, trident safety cell and interior. The $99 fee doesn't guarantee you a car, as it's meant to help DaimlerChrysler distribute the vehicles they'll have to the regions where demand is greatest. If you do manage to buy one, the fee will be added to the cost of your vehicle. If you don't get one, they'll refund the money.

According to the registration page, the U.S. fortwo will start at under $12,000 for the PURE model (just a note – it appears the PURE comes sans stereo with a "radio-ready dash). The slightly uplevel PASSION model (with an AM/FM radio and CD player) will begin under $14,000, and the PASSION CABRIO just under $17,000. While this pricing is most likely not final, it can't be far off. Color us impressed, as we were expecting a base smart fortwo to start in the $15k to $16k range based on the kitsch factor of smart's image alone. Beginning at $12,000, however, means DCX will have to worry about supply much more than what we expect to be extremely high demand for this urban runabout.

Thanks for the tip, Matt!

[Source: Smart USA]

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