"Green Machine" fuel-cell powered robot competition begins

FirstFuelCells.com, a distributor of practical hydrogen fuel cells for personal and educational use, has teamed up with FIRST Robotics to put on a fuel-cell powered robot competition called the Fuel Cell "Green Machine" Pilot Program. Up to 100 FIRST Robotics teams will compete in the program designed to encourage to young minds to master hydrogen fuel cells and demonstrate their use in robots.

Registered teams are required to develop robots with integrated fuel cell technologies based on a standardized competition kit. Regional competitions are taking place this month with the Championship to be held April 12th in Atlanta, GA.

Analysis: Hydrogen is seen by many to be the fuel source set to take over from petroleum and power our transport into the future. Teaching students today about fuel cells ensures that the next generation of scientists and engineers will get a flying start at making the potential of hydrogen a commercial reality.


[Source: Fuel Cell Works]

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