eBay Find of the Day: Mid-engined, 325HP VW Polo w/ 1.8T

In what could be described as the most expensive game of polo ever played, Dubsport's Ian Birch built this mid-engine monster out of a relatively tame Volkswagen Polo Mk. III. Known for their twin-engined Golfs, among other things, Ian and the Dubsport gang are notorious for building these kinds of wild project VeeDubs. What started out as a 1.0 Genesis car now sports an Audi badged 1.8T that has had a bit of a makeover of its own. The result is approximately 325 hp, before the nitrous is uncorked. The car was also converted to rear drive to better handle the power.

The build of the vehicle was chronicled in a 2004 Performance VW magazine article and looks to be a top-notch job. Although street-legal, the car is really a drag racer at heart. The seller promises a 0-60 of less than 4 seconds and a lot of unwanted thrills in the rain. It also sports a line-lock front brake to allow massive smoky burnouts at will. And best of all, it could be yours, for the fraction-of-what-it-cost-to-build price of just £10,000.00. Well, that's the starting bid at any rate. Nobody has yet to offer that amount.

But for the lucky buyer, this would be one heck of a thrill-ride. The relatively stock exterior barely gives away its true power. Only popping the hood to fill up reveals a nitrous tank and fuel cell where the engine should be. A keen eye might also spot the open fuel filler area on each side, which are used as air intakes. A special ventilated rear hatch allows heat to escape. With three days left on the eBay auction, the car may go unsold, but the seller admits he is in no hurry to part with it and will wait until the right buyer comes along. Until then, you may see him catching unsuspecting VX220 turbo owners by surprise in a sudden round of stoplight grand prix.

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