duPont Registry turns 22, time for a Top 10 list or 2

After 22 years learning about and lusting after some of the most incredible vehicles on the planet, it seems as good a time as any to celebrate the duPont Registry. The duPont is that seminal catalog of classified ads featuring the highest caliber of motor vehicles. Along with Robb Report and Hemmings (and our own Luxist), the duPont Registry seems to have defined what is hot and what is not at the upper end of the automotive marketplace. Officially launched in April 1985 as duPont REGISTRY, A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles, it featured a $1 million 1931 Bucciali Paris Show Car in the first issue, among other rare classics worth more than our measily little lives. Flash forward 22 years, and you're likely to notice the only Arancio Borealis Pearl Orange Metallic 2005 Porsche Carrera GT ever made, within the anniversary issue's pages.

Publisher Tom duPont has put together this anniversary edition to highlight some of the best of the best from the magazine's past and present. Not one, but two Top Ten lists accompany the issue, showcasing the consistently high level of quality offerings the registry has featured over the course of its 2.2 decades in publication. The duPont staff selected ten of the best vehicles from the first issue, and an additional ten from the current anniversary issue. The selection criteria were that the vehicles be "the most exceptional, valuable and popular entries" from among the listings. The list seems to have something for just about everybody, with cars ranging from muscle cars to exotics to coachbuilt classics.

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[Source: duPont Registry]

One of the common themes between the two lists are those coachbuilders. Back in the golden era of motoring, specially commissioned classics had one-off bodies crafted by some of the greatest names in design. By 1985, those vehicles remained at the upper echelon of collectible cars as they continued to be the epitome of style and grace. But times they were a changin'. After suffering through some relatively dry periods of design, a whole new wave of exotics and supercars stirred the enthusiast soul. The classics may have slipped a bit from our consciousness, dependent on the numerous Concours and museums keeping them visible.

In their place we see a resurgence of coachbuilt vehicles based on the current crop of ultra exotics. It's hard to accurately predict what will remain valuable in another 22 years, but rare high performance editions of today's cars, marques that are deemed as prestigious, and custom vehicles built by top-level designers are sure to be among those commanding premiums for years to come. Think Fisker and Veyron, Carrera GT and Pagani Zonda. But don't overlook the tuning magic of Callaway and Saleen, or modern coachbuilts from legendary design houses like Zagato and Pininfarina. Even newer masters like the Genaddi Ford GTX1 and "Newmad" Chevy concept vehicle. It's fun to play prognosticator sometimes. It's also fun to dream. That's what the duPont Registry allows many of us to do, and has allowed us to do for 22 years now. It's one of our favorite forms of dead tree media left alive, and we hope it stays that way.

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (March 15, 2007) – When a $1 million 1931 Bucciali Paris Show Car graced the pages of the first issue of the duPont REGISTRY, A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles in April 1985, the market for luxury automobiles was forever changed. Ever since, the duPont REGISTRY has been the premier place for ultra-wealthy car enthusiasts to buy, sell and appreciate the most beautiful vehicles on earth. And 22 years later, the REGISTRY celebrates its Anniversary Issue by offering the only Arancio Borealis Pearl Orange Metallic 2005 Porsche Carrera GT made, among hundreds of other classic cars.

"The anniversary issue signifies 22 years of consistently offering the most unique, rare, innovative and popular vehicles available," says Publisher Tom duPont. "Our dedication to the customers and product quality has firmly branded the duPont Registry as the go-to source for people in the market for high-end automobiles."

Selected by the duPont REGISTRY staff for being the most exceptional, valuable and popular entries, here are the top 10 cars from the first issue and the top 10 from the current edition.

Top 10 Cars from 1st Issue
1929 Duesenberg J-123 "Murphy"
1972 Ferrari Dino
1933 Mercedes Benz Type SS
Lamborghini Countach
1956 Maserati 200 SI
1932 Bugatti Type 54 300 H.P. Supercharges
82 to 85 Porsche 911 Targa or Cab
1972 Ferrari Daytona Spyder
1931 Bucciali Paris Show Car
1936 Packard V12 Dietrich Bodied 4 dr. Convertible

Top 10 Cars from Anniversary Issue
2005 Porsche Carrera GT
2006 Genaddi Design Ford GTX1
2007 Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640
2007 Bentley Contintental GTC
2006 Bugatti Veyron
Aussie Invader III
1969 Chevrolet COPO Camaro ZL-1 427
1955 "Newmad" Chevy Nomad Concept Vehicle
2004 Pagani Zonda Monza 1 of 1
1939 Horch 930V Phaeton 1 of 2 still in existence

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