University of New Brunswick makes progress on solid state H2 storage

A team led by Dr. Sean McGrady at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, New Brunswick in Canada is claiming to have made a breakthrough in developing solid state hydrogen storage. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to the use of hydrogen as an energy storage medium for vehicles is safely and efficiently storing the hydrogen. A lot of work is being done by companies such ECD Ovonics on storing the hydrogen dissolved in a solid. McGrady's team is working with a company called HSM Systems to develop and commercialize hydrogen storage systems.
The approach they are taking is to convert the hydrogen into a compound that can easily be stored, transported and then used as fuel. They have developed a technique to combine aluminum and hydrogen to produce Alane (AlH3) at relatively low pressure and temperature and then extract the hydrogen at temperatures less than 100C. Alane should be able to store more than nine percent hydrogen by weight. McGrady and his colleagues will be presenting their findings at the meeting of the American Physical Society this week.

[Source: University of New Brunswick]

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