Spy Shots: BMW M3 Sedan and Convertible

While the BMW M3 Coupe was all-but unveiled in Geneva, we have had to rely on spy photographers for images of the M3 Sedan and Cabrio. Hans Lehmann has captured a few shots of each for Winding Road, and you can see them in all their Technicolor splendor by clicking through the read link.
We're still not sure when and where the production M3 sedan will make its debut, but Frankfurt or even New York are still possibilities. As we told you before, the sedan will get a front fascia that is nearly identical to the one on the coupe, and since the coupe is both sleek and mean at the same time, this can only be taken as a very good thing. Knowing a 400ish-horsepower V8 is under the hood makes it even better.

The cabrio pics show the metal drop-top to be a handsome beast, as well. That's to be expected since the hardtop allows it to mimic the lines of the coupe to a tee.

We are guessing the sedan will appear by the end of the year and that we'll have to wait until spring 2008 for the convertible M3. But wait we will, with bated breath.

[Source: Winding Road]

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