Ridley Motorcycles: Custom bikes, automatic transmissions

All right, the weather is starting to get nicer, finally. Today where I live in Ohio we hit 75 degrees and the sun was out. I opened up the garage to get my motorcycle out for the first time in 2007. Riding my motorcycle is one of the few things that I can truly enjoy, and know that the gasoline consumption and emissions of my fuel injected bike are less than those of my regular transportation. I know of others who would like to ride for the same reasons, but are intimidated by all the controls of a motorcycle, especially the left hand clutch and left foot shifting. For the dedicated Harley riders out there, I shared this story with our readership last week. And, for the rest of us, how about giving Ridley Motorcycles a look, like Women Riders Now did?

As I mentioned in the previous article, Ridley's use a custom designed CVT, or continuously variable transmission. This type of transmission can help save gas, as it optimizes the ratio at all times, and at all speeds. This allows Ridley to use a smaller motor, roughly half the size of a standard Harley motor, at 750cc's, and still have respectable performance.

Ridley offers a few models, including a blacked out standard, raked out cruiser and old-school style springer custom. I'm sure if you check them out, you'll find something you like.


[Source: Women Riders Now and Ridley Motorcycles]

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