Q Tires Celsius retractable stud tire: Good on snow, can't climb walls

Greenville, South Carolina-based Q Tires has developed a new product that could make people's lives a whole lot easier and safer beginning next winter. That's when the company plans to launch its new Celsius studded tire. Unlike standard studded rubber, which is noisy and can negatively affect performance in dry weather, the Celsius' studs retract when not in use. The ingenious system uses air from the tire itself to inflate a secondary chamber contained within, pushing the studs through the surface. If conditions improve, the air from the second chamber can be expelled and the studs will be pulled back inside. This sounds like a really interesting alternative to winter-specific tires, and if the price isn't out of control, we know a few people who might be willing to give them a try on their own machines. Re-enactments of the climactic car chase in Die Another Day, during which James Bond puts retractable studs to use on his Vanquish, are probably still not a good idea, though.
You can watch a promo video prepared by Q Tires here.

[Source: Q Tires via Gizmag]

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