Owner of 2-engine sweepers taking time to calculate carbon footprint, and do something about it

The big sweeper trucks in Michael Wagoner's fleet each run two engines; one to propel the vehicle and one to operate the giant sweeping brush. Since he's a little picky about numbers, he knows that his firm logs 357,000 miles and uses just over 56,000 gallons of fuel annually. With that information, he calculated his carbon footprint using the Carbon Fund website. His contribution to global warming came to 500 tons of CO2 in 2006.
Armed with that data, Wagoner decided to try and even out his impact on the earth. He sponsored a restoration planting near his home base. As a conservative Republican, he says he sees no contradiction in calling himself an environmentalist. He's carried that message to his shop to help reduce energy costs. His business practices are also in line with green thinking. The crews separate leaf piles for a commercial composter, and pollutants and oils are removed from the debris before waste water is released.

Wagoner's business is a great example of personal and corporate efforts to make a difference, regardless of political affiliations.

[Source: Kari Hastings / Gresham Outlook]

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