BMW: The Ultimate Selling Machine

Wow, this is pretty cool. If you happen to wander into a BMW dealer and see a huge flat-panel in the corner, it's likely not a TV on which owners can watch CNN while waiting for their Bimmer to be serviced. It's more likely one of these high-tech sales tools for the Bavarian motor company. Powered by software made by Innotive, these touch-screen information displays allow a sales consultant to point out design features and even call up comparisons to competitive models. It's kind of like having the company's build-a-car websites open and active, but at a much higher level of interaction. And with the ability to telestrate and customize a sales pitch to the individual, it should be the ultimate selling machine for these ultimate driving machines.

Follow the jump to see a YouTube video of a salesperson using the system to compare features of a BMW to those of an Audi. You'll also see a customer using the system to customize his car with a few taps of the glass.

[Source: Fresh Creation]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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