Spy Shots: VW Golf R36

For those following the development of Volkswagen's hottest of hot hatches, it's common knowledge that the automaker has been hard at work adapting the engine from the R36 Passat to fit within the confines of the new Golf. Hans Lehmann and his clandestine photogs were able to catch this new breed of hatch undergoing cold weather testing, but according to the shooters, those R32 badges on the deck lid don't tell the truth about what lies beneath.
The Golf R36 prototype benefits from the aforementioned engine upgrade, producing power somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 HP and sending it to all four wheels via a DSG gearbox. Although the exterior hasn't benefited from any extensive modifications, those gaping air intakes in the front fascia certainly speak to the R36's sporting creds.

If we ever see this thing Stateside, we hope that those roof-mounted driving lamps are offered as a factory accessory.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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