Spy Shots: BMW 6-Series

The BMW 6-Series is due for a refresh, but after a look at the pictures shot by KGP Photography, we'd say the makeover will be quite mild.
To begin with, the 6-Series will get an altered front air dam, with the center intake opening narrowing in width and gaining a set of repositioned fog lights. The black tape covering the sides of the headlamps indicates that some work may have been done in the lighting department, while out back, the tail lights are given three gill-like bumps on each side to add a little bling to the butt.

BMW took some chances with the original design of the 6-Series, but the refresh will likely go un-noticed to all but the most highly-trained eye. If you thought the current 6-Series was a unattractive, we think you'd be better off if you just turned away; nothing to see here.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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