SHO us again: BringBacktheSHO releases more renderings

click the above image to view all the new 2009 Ford Taurus SHO concept renderings

For those entirely uninterested in the recently renamed Taurus and the potential it holds for a new SHO machine, stop reading here. We've confessed our unabashed appreciation for the original SHO and the excitement, yes excitement, over the prospect of its return, even if it would be based on what is essentially the ho-hum Five-Hundred. Our partner is this crusade of hope is the website, the primary purpose of which is to prove to Ford that there's a viable business case for a new Taurus SHO.

To that end, BBTS has been producing new renderings of what a 2009 Taurus SHO might look like, and we all agree that grafting on the front end of the upcoming Taurus X makes a marked improvement. The new renderings also include new profile views that reveal a drop in ride hight on what must be a significantly stiffened suspension. At this point, we're convinced a new SHO should offer the 7/10 the attributes and performance of something like a BMW M5 for half the price, while still managing to undercut the potent Chrysler 300 SRT-8 in price. 400 horsepower from a supercharged V8 would do nicely, combined with the surefootedness of all-wheel drive.

Since it seems we have the the BBTS artist's digital pen at our disposal, we thought we'd take a poll to let him know what renderings we'd like to see next. Choose your preferred iterration of the SHO, and hopefully in a few weeks time we'll see some results.


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