Nissan may _SHIFT from using current tagline

Apparently, Nissan is going completely automatic. No more SHIFTing for the Japanese brand. Seems that the tagline has failed to catch on and persuade enough buyers to visit their local Nissan dealer, especially in Europe. While no new slogan has been adopted, the _SHIFT tag seems to be headed the way of the manual transmission.
Brian Carolin, marketing director of Nissan Europe, said in an interview in Geneva that Nissan's image in Europe is "rather flat." While there are products at the top and bottom of the range that are doing very well, the core midsize vehicles are a bit lackluster. So rather than trying to position themselves as a full range alternative to Honda and Toyota, Nissan might try focusing on their strengths.

The company is hoping that new products, such as the Qashqai crossover, X-Trail and Navarra will continue to give them a strong presence in the light truck segment, and the Micra already has them at the head of the class in small cars, so a new tagline that reinforces those segments might serve Nissan better than _SHIFT. Perhaps _LIFT for the trucks? _THRIFT for the Micra? _DRIFT for the Z? Take a seat, we've got millions of them, folks.

[Source: Wards Auto]

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