Has there been a battery "breakthrough" in South Africa?

OK, doubters, get your comments ready. South Africa's Cape Times is reporting on an hybrid battery "breakthrough". This is hybrid as in a battery that can charge and discharge simultaneously, not hybrid as in vehicles (the article can be read here).
The new battery was developed over seven years by Jan Human (nice name) of Somerset West. He claims the battery is scalable and the hybrid principle could be used in batteries that power everything from cell phones to vehicles to industrial sites. Human claims to have "found a new 'pathway' in the battery which allows it to charge and discharge at the same time," according to the Cape Times. "When a conventional battery is discharging, say to power a light, it cannot store energy at the same time. It's impossible. My battery does that. You can use wind and solar to charge my battery at the same time it is discharging," Human told the paper.

Gerhard Ebersohn, an electrical engineer at the University of Pretoria, told the paper that Human's idea was "definitely a new concept". Human and Ebersohn are in communication so Ebersohn can validate the claims. I leave it to our vocal readers to tell us all why this is nothing but hype.

Melanie Gosling / Cape Times via EV World]

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