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Eco-weenie has eco-tizzy over global warming: Dan Neil's hilarious homage to carbon counting

In Sunday's LA Times, Dan Neil exorcises his guilt over climate change with a humorous essay that does give a hint to his serious efforts in fighting a global problem. He has converted to compact fluorescent lights and recycled "everything but the cat." But over-analyzing the carbon footprint of every purchase makes him an "awful party host." What harmful emissions were spewed into the air to bring grapes from Chile or sparkling water from Germany? And enjoy a hamburger? Forget it! It leaves a carbon trail all the way to the rain forest. Even watching a little TV brings shame to his house. In the end, the Pulitzer Prize-winning auto critic is a sincere advocate of individual enterprise in addressing global warming. He appreciates Hollywood calling attention to the issue and forecasts the day when the incandescent bulb "will be as sure a sign of social backwardness as missing front teeth and mullets." Well said.
[Source: Dan Neil / Los Angeles Times]

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