Crave a Hot Pocket? Plug the Wave Box into your dash

How could this have possibly taken so long? With everything from DVD players to beverage coolers showing up in our cars, why didn't anybody come up with a way to install a microwave oven in your vehicle before now? Who doesn't want some good hot food on the job site, on the road or at the campground? Bar-B-Q grills are a popular choice at tailgate gatherings, and some manufacturers have even shown custom vehicles with built-in grills mounted out back, but as far as we know, no one has ever come up with an automotive application for that most practical and efficient modern cooking appliance, the microwave.

The Wave Box is billed as the world's first AC/DC microwave oven that's truly portable. Significantly lighter and smaller than any other mic on the market, it appears to be just right for vehicular cooking. Follow the jump for a spec sheet and a YouTube testimonial to this most practical and enjoyable new gadget. Be forewarned, when you see this thing in action, you'll want one for every vehicle in your household, but the $199 appliances are currently on backorder due to overwhelming demand. If you do manage to get your hands on one, let us be the first to warn you about nuking dinner on your lap – not a good idea if procreation's in your future plans.

[Source: WaveBox via TMZ]

WaveBox features:

The World's First - and Best
  • The only microwave purpose-built for daily portability and use in rugged environments.
  • Smallest microwave in the world, 20 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than models now on the market.
  • Three power options in one compact package: AC, DC direct clip to a battery, DC connection to vehicle power socket. No inverter needed.
  • Extremely quiet operation - you will notice the difference.
  • Compact, stylish design comes in a variety of colors for maximum appeal.
Built for Work, Travel & Fun
  • Built for daily use in tough environments such as construction, boating, fi shing and camping.
  • Super-grip no-slip rubber base for stability on different surfaces.
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced ABS casing.
  • Heavy-duty, luggage-quality handle makes it easy enough to carry with one hand.
  • Weather resistant – stands up to the elements.
  • Two extra-long DC cords included for easy use in vehicles. One connects with clips to vehicle battery, the other plugs into the vehicle power socket.
WaveBox redefines convenient
  • Generous cooking space relative to unit size.
  • Three quick-cook preset buttons for one-touch heating.
  • Electronic controls with LED display. No knobs or dials.
  • Exclusive retractable AC cord system makes it easy to pack up and go.
  • Includes the integrated CoolWave® soft-side cooler, which fits inside the WaveBox to keep food and beverages cool during transport.

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