Reader Spy: '08 Jeep Liberty in Colorado

Click image for gallery containing one additional photo

AB reader John M. Sullivan emailed us this morning with the photos you see here. During a ski trip to Colorado, John made a stop at the Coors Brewing Company for a tour and noticed what he believed to be a pair of disguised Dodge Nitros outside. He said the drivers were pretty tight-lipped, which comes as no surprise, and since the Nitro's been out a good while now, it struck us as being odd that they'd be tooling around under cover. A closer look at the photos reveals that the camoed-up SUVs in the parking lot are none other than the forthcoming '08 Jeep Liberty, which shares its genetics with the Nitro, likely undergoing high-altitude testing.

Note the trademark Jeep grille and round-look headlamps behind the front bra. From the looks of things, the red one's a Limited, given the chrome trim on the liftgate and roof rails. The Liberty should be making its debut soon (New York, perhaps?), and we're looking forward to seeing the finished product minus all the coverup.

Thanks to John for sharing his find with us! The enclosed gallery contains high-res versions of both his photos.

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