The web-site SustainLane did a survey of the fifty largest cities in the United States to find out about alternative fuel use in municipal vehicle fleets. They looked vehicles using biofuels, hydrogen, natural gas, electric vehicles and hybrids. They found that Las Vegas came in at the top of the list with sixty-three percent of their fleet running on alternative fuels. Las Vegas has 450 vehicles running on B20 biodiesel along with some hybrids, CNG and hydrogen powered vehicles, all of which helps to counter the insane amount of electricity used to keep the Vegas Strip running.

Honolulu, Hawaii came in second at fifty-one percent, and the home of the new Tesla WhiteStar plant, Albuquerque was fourth with forty-two percent. Los Angeles was the only California city to make the top ten at eighth with twenty-five percent of their fleet.

[Source: SustainLane]

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