After switching to biodiesel, driver feels healthier

A Northern California contractor believed his exposure to diesel fumes while on the job led to bronchitis and a hacking cough. After converting his work truck, forklift, tractor and wife's Jetta to run on biodiesel, he says he feels healthier and his happier. Biofuel pumps aren't close by, so he arranged for monthly deliveries. The contractor's story appeared in the Napa Valley Register, and the article goes on to list other biofuel efforts in the area, including its use in the vineyards. As with many rural parts of the country, biodiesel is hard to find and often expensive. There are also concerns over violating manufacturer's warranties. But biodiesel has an enthusiastic following, and loyal users always find a way to get it in their tank.
[Source: Julissa McKinnon / Napa Valley Register]

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