Hyundai prices Veracruz from $26,305

The entry price for the Hyundai Veracruz has been set at $26,305* for a GLS, which is no vinyl-seated, three-on-the-tree stripper. For just over 25 grand, you get Hyundai's grunty 3.8 liter V6, standard ESC and ABS, a nifty stereo system, and alloy rims to name but some of the standard bag of tricks. Going full boat for the Limited will raise the bottom line to just over $34k, but considering that the GLS has almost everything you'd want right from the get-go, we can only imagine the smorgasbord of stuff in the mid-range SE model and range-topping Limited.

These unibody midsizers are seemingly the neo-family-wagon, so this segment is generating lots of heat right now. The Veracruz is in the same sandbox as the Mazda CX-9, GM Lambda cousins, Toyota Highlander and the like, but Hyundai's press materials call out more expensive models like the Lexus RX and Mercedes GL. We know this move, as Hyundai pulls it time and time again. The Korean company packs a model with uplevel content and more standard safety and convenience features than its immediate competition can match. Thus, customers are more likely to compare it with more expensive models and marvel at its low, low price. Genius, just genius. We're eager to get one in the Autoblog Garage.
  • Veracruz GLS FWD $26,305
  • Veracruz GLS AWD $28,005
  • Veracruz SE FWD $28,005
  • Veracruz SE AWD $29,705
  • Veracruz Limited FWD $32,305
  • Veracruz Limited AWD $34,005

*$690 destination charge not included

[Source: KickingTires]

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