Lot's of rich people buy Ferraris and Lamborghinis and Bugattis. Actually, rich people are the only ones who buy such cars. On the other hand, not all wealthy folks are extravagent; many of them tend to be on the frugal side. It's how they get rich and stay that way.

After years of being transported in a Lincoln Town Car, for instance, the world's second richest person, Warren Buffett, now gets shuttled around in a 2006 Cadillac DTS. Ingvar Kamprad, who came up with that flat pack Swedish-designed furniture people love to haul home from IKEA, drives around in 1993 Volvo 240 GL wagon (example shown). The 240 was one of those old fashioned Swedes that looked like the box it came in, and the kind it hauls around. If you want to find out what Steve Ballmer, Jim Walton and Serygey Brin drive, hit the Read link and head on over to the Forbes article.

[Source: Forbes]

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