A reader named Lars wrote in to let us know that he had been invited to the unveiling of the Phoenix Motorcars SUT the other day, and actually had an opportunity to drive the new electric truck. Lars was able to drive the truck for only a few blocks, so this definitely a quick first impression. The prototype that was at the event had no air conditioning system installed although production trucks will have it available, and it will evidently cut driving range by about twenty to thirty percent according to the Phoenix representative.

Acceleration felt sluggish although impression may be exaggerated by the absence of audible feedback in an EV. Phoenix has apparently gone pretty aggressive with the regenerative braking, probably in an effort to maximize the range of the SUT. Lars also talked about pricing which he was under the impression was subsidized, although this in fact refers to the zero emission vehicle credits that Phoenix intends to sell in order to make up the difference between the selling price and the production cost. Darryl Siry of Tesla has more to say about this in his own blog post. This is the first driving impression from a "civilian" that we're aware of, so it's worth checking out.

[Source: PracticalEnvironmentalist.com, thanks to Lars for the tip]

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