The very first AutoblogGreen podcast is coming your very, very soon and it contains an extended discussion with Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard. Martin has plenty to say about the progress that the company is making with the Roadster and the WhiteStar sedan project. In addition to that, we talked about the electric vehicle marketplace and other manufacturers. You'll have to wait just a little longer to hear Martin's words, but you can read what his colleague Darryl Siry thinks right now.

Darryl is Vice-President of Marketing and Communications for Tesla and a man after my own heart. He is brutally honest about what he thinks and doesn't hold back. He also blogs both on his own personal sites and at the official Tesla blog and he has new entry where he talks about the media and some other companies that are trying to sell EVs. It's a very worthwhile read and really nails one of the issues with the mainstream media. There is an old saying about sales people, that they don't have to know about what they are selling or even like, a good sales person can move anything. Much the same thing applies to many reporters, they know little or nothing about they report, they just tell the story they are given in their own words, with little or no analysis. We at ABG (and also over at Autoblog) as enthusiasts about the subjects we cover, try to go beyond that use our knowledge to give our own perspective. We're not perfect, but we do our best.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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