Spy Shots: Next-gen Opel Vectra

The next generation Opel Vectra has been captured in the wilds of northern Sweden where the reindeer outnumber the human inhabitants (at least the permanent ones, not the throngs of engineers who invade every winter) by at least an order of magnitude. Based on the slope of the back-light and the short rear deck, the model in the photos looks like it's probably the five-door hatchback model that's available in Europe.
The new Vectra is built on the Epsilon II platform and will be turning up in US showrooms in a couple years, probably with minimal changes other than the Saturn Aura badges, and additional variants will form the underpinnings of the next Chevy Malibu and Pontiac G6. The Opel variant at least may get a smaller version of the new 2.9L turbo-diesel V-6 that debuted at Geneva this week, in addition to the four cylinder oil-burners that are already available. How's this for an idea: an all-wheel-drive Saturn Aura with the killer V-6 diesel? Four hundred plus lb-ft in a stylish mid-size sedan and great fuel economy to boot? Sign us up.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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