Move over Hummer, Lamborghini fears it could be the ecowarriors' next whipping boy

As Europe imposes stiffer emissions standards, the famous bulls of Lamborghini may be shut out of their own countries. Lambo's boss, Stephan Winkelmann, told reporters at the Geneva Motor Show that the Murcielago LP640 Roadster (shown) and new Gallardo Superleggera (just introduced at Geneva) will not fall in line with the EU's CO2 limitations that go into effect in 2012. The 500-horsepower Lamborghinis currently meet the emissions standards for every country in which they are sold. But the expensive supercars are also on everyone's list of worst gas hogs and worst polluters. Could some green activist group make Lamborghini their next poster child to fight global warming? Winkelmann counters that Lamborghinis are driven only a few thousand miles a year at most, and family sedans end up polluting more when all the math is done.

[Source: Associated Press via Kiplinger]

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