Hybrid Technologies lithium-battery-powered taxi cruising NYC

We know there has been some skepticism about announcements from Hybrid Technologies, but it seems they've made good on their promise to put a lithium-battery-powered taxi on the streets of New York City. The company just announced that a converted PT Cruiser is now in full service in the Big Apple.

But if you're one of the people who likes to single out HT for bluster in their press releases, the new one does dream big, which you might want to flag for next time: "Hybrid Technologies is fully prepared and capable of retrofitting most of the fleet of taxis in New York." That's quite a statement, what with over 12,000 medallion taxi cabs in New York. Still, HT says that City Hall has requested more taxis and medallion owners like the reduced medallion fees and the possibilities of federal and state emissions initiatives and grants when driving green. It sounds like HT's next step is to build "up to 200 lithium powered long range taxis for fleet placement in New York City." That just leaves 11, 799 or so to go. Good luck to 'em.

[Source: Hybrid Technologies]

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