Hot, new video! Prius crashes into store. Guess what? Driver blames gas pedal.

Here's another unintended acceleration story that I don't believe. According to a TV report out of Tacoma, a Prius driver rammed his hybrid through a gas-station convenience store even though his foot was off the accelerator pedal and he tried hitting both the regular and emergency brakes.

Every time someone crashes into a building, they blame the gas pedal. With throttle-by-wire becoming more popular, it won't take long before every snake lawyer in the country files a class-action suit charging that this technology has a mind of its own and is dangerous.

Let me explain something: if you have your foot firmly on the brake, the car ain't going anywhere. I don't care if you have the other foot firmly on the gas pedal. How do you think the magazine guys get those cool burnout shots? We do brake stands, even with manual transmission cars. The car stays in one spot while boiling away the tread. It's easy, fun, safe and I've never hit a photographer or run into the side of a building.

Link to video after break.
This guy said he was on the freeway when he realized that the gas pedal wasn't working and he tried the brakes. He came off the freeway and went through an intersection before slamming into the side of the store. If that was truly the case, then turn the key off!

Ever since 60 Minutes ruined the reputation of the Audi 5000 back in the late '80s, every crackpot who can't drive a car blames the accelerator pedal. I'm quite sure that somewhere in time there have instances of stuck throttles. Before by-wire controls, accelerator linkages have always been mechanical functions. But if you "floor" the brakes, as all the guilty parties claim they do, then the vehicle will stop. Again, turn off the key. Or try hitting the E-brake and you should perform a nifty J-loop to stop the vehicle.

If authorities confiscate this vehicle, perform in-depth and accurate diagnostics and discover that the throttle stuck and all the brakes didn't function, then I'll apologize and name my next child after this guy. But with black boxes in cars today, we'll know the truth soon. Can't wait. Meanwhile, enjoy the video.

[Source: CBS42]

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