Commercial crazy: Database of all Mustang commercials ever aired

Over the past 43 years, many Ford brands have come and gone and in some cases come and gone again. Names like Maverick, Zephyr, Fairmont, Pinto, Five Hundred and others have dropped in with a splash, or in many cases a dribble, and then disappeared a few years later (or less). However, one name has been there throughout, even if it was slapped on some pretty lame re-bodied Pintos for a while - the Mustang. Today, the Mustang is undoubtedly Ford's strongest brand.

Mustang fan site MustangEvolution now has all the Mustang commercials ever produced up on their site for your perusal. They range all the way from the very first 1964 teaser up to the latest spots for the current S197 'Stangs. There were many periods along the way when Ford neglected the pony cars and that was reflected in the cars themselves and the lack of marketing. There were a lot ads from the sixties, not so many from the seventies and eighties and none in the nineties, but the Mustang is back now and here to stay for the foreseeable future. MustangEvolution wants to know if it's missing any ads, so check out the list and let them know if there are any holes.


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