Wanna make Toyota love your town? Get the mayor to switch the limo to a Prius

I've got to hand it to Toyota, if anyone in the world who holds a bit of power buys a Prius or two, the company lets the world know. Take, for example, workers at Premiere Polish Co Ltd., the Hertfordshire constables, or employees of FOCUS International, all of whom now drive Priuses. The latest addition to the PR-Prius roster is the Mayor of Richmond upon Thames (a London borough) who turned in his Daimler DS420 4.0-litre limo for the world's most popular hybrid.

The switch by Mayor Cllr Bill Treble is in keeping with his CO2-lowering policies. Residents of Richmond upon Thames with high-polluting vehicles pay up to £300 to park in some areas, and people with more than one car pay more. If you have a hybrid or other low-emission vehicle, you get a reduction in parking fees of up to 50 percent.

Here's a thought: did you or anyone you know recently buy a Prius? Do they have some clout in the community? Can you get Toyota to send out a press release on your behalf? It'd be awful sweet if you could...

[Source: Toyota]

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