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Michigan State Police need to cut fuel consumption

The State of Michigan is facing another $1 billion revenue shortfall this year and combined with $2.50 a gallon gas, it looks like the blue Crown Vics of the State Police are going to be feeling some of the pain. In 2006, the Michigan State Police accumulated 35 million miles and ran a $6.6 million deficit. For this year they are looking at a $13.6 million shortfall so troopers are being told to cut there mileage back by twenty percent. That means fewer patrols, and more Crown Vics and Tahoes parked at the posts until accident calls come in.
Maybe Chrysler should consider dropping the BlueTec diesel V-6 that's going into Grand Cherokee this year, into the police package Charger and offering that as an option. A diesel V-6 would be a perfect solution, for cruisers that are patrolling the highways most of the time. If they combined it with start-stop system, they wouldn't even have to sit idling at their speed traps. Ford should also look at offering the 4.4L V-8 that's coming to the F-150 in the Crown Vic and Chevrolet could put the DuraMax diesel into the police Tahoe.

[Source: Grand Haven Tribune via Jalopnik]

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