Is this going to be the first Chery-built Dodge?

Now that Chrysler has firmed up a deal with Chery Motors for the Chinese manufacturer to build small cars for them to sell in North America and Europe, the question comes about car they will actually build. China Car Times is reporting that the first model may be the Chery A1. The A1, it turns out is actually the Chery QQ with a different front clip, to allow Chery to sell the car outside of China.

The QQ is the car that Chery was accused of copying from the Daewoo Matiz, and the parts were apparently interchangeable. For Chrysler's sake, I hope the cars they sell from Chery are significantly improved relative to the original QQ. I've been exposed to the QQ up close, and Michigan roads would tear this thing up pretty quickly. If Chrysler doesn't significantly improve the car, any savings they get from bringing in Chinese built cars will quickly evaporate in more lost sales.

[Source: China Car Times]

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