Geneva Motor Show: Kia lifts the lid on the ex_cee'd convertible concept

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Kia removed the helium-filled chrome organ pipes wraps off their ex_cee'd convertible concept yesterday, showing that all is not staid convention over at the lil' Korean automaker. The ex_cee'd convertible is another attempt to prove to the European market that Kia should be considered a producer of all manner of vehicle; from sedate appliances to youth-oriented runabouts. The concept seemed to be well received by both the suits and the press, but the nearly invisible fishing line holding the balloons in place tripped us on a few occasions, causing a twisted ankle and forcing us to limp back to the pressroom. Kia, you'll be hearing from our podiatrist.

Check the original post here and be sure to check out the unconventional unveiling in the gallery below.

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