Geneva Motor Show: TechArt Magnum "de Sede" ups the interior ante

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TechArt's credentials as a tuner of Porsches are completely unassailable. Whether it's more grunt underhood, a racier look, a more sporting ride, or an interior redesigned to taste, TechArt can do it, and the resulting vehicle is usually an exercise in power merged with panache. Their latest grin-generator -- the new, 997-based GTstreet -- is a perfect example. Another TechArt staple is the 600+ horsepower Cayenne-based Magnum, whose extreme styling is no doubt polarizing, but far more interesting than that of the base Cayenne Turbo.

The Magnum is the canvas used to showcase TechArt's classy new "de Sede of Switzerland" interior, which is named for the eponymous luxury furniture manufacturer. Instead of emphasizing sport with a racy cabin loaded with alcantara, aluminum, and carbon fiber (materials that TechArt will gladly adorn your machine with, if you so desire), the de Sede-enhanced Magnum is a case study in opulence.

The interior features de Sede leather (it comes only from German and Swiss cows) on the seats, doors, dash and headliner. The seats themselves are specially padded for maximum comfort, and the rest of the car is loaded with amenities, as you might expect. Microsuede-lined storage bins, a refrigerated cooler in the back seat, the requisite hi-fi A/V system with heatreast-mounted seats, PS2 console, and wireless headphones are among the highlights. If you're not in Geneva to see it in person, you can check out four shots of the inviting-looking cabin are in the attached gallery. TechArt doesn't include pricing, but you know the saying: If you have to ask...

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German-Swiss Precision:
The TechArt Interior Line de Sede of Switzerland

Exclusive automobile interiors have gained TechArt Automobildesign worldwide fame and recognition. The Swiss furniture manufacturer de Sede occupies the same lofty position in the area of seating furniture. The idea of combining the unique qualities of both companies in new automotive creations was born in 2006. At the Geneva Motor Show 2007 they present a 600-hp / 442-kW TechArt MAGNUM featuring the new TechArt interior line 'de Sede of Switzerland.'

de Sede was founded more than 50 years ago, and is run by its two owners, Hans-Peter Fässler and Bernhard Schüler. Privateer Fässler is a passionate art and car enthusiast. The world-renowned manufacturer of exclusive luxury furniture is home in Klingnau, Switzerland. Only cows from Switzerland and southern Germany are used to make the various types of de Sede leathers. de Sede sells its chairs, sofas and tables in 120 countries around the globe.

With the TechArt interior line 'de Sede of Switzerland' these exquisite materials now also find their way into the automobile. The exclusive de Sede leathers are specially treated to account for the harsh climate conditions in an automobile.

TechArt Automobildesign's company-own upholstery shop places utmost importance on perfect workmanship down to the last detail. Highly experienced upholsterers transform the high-quality de Sede leathers into covers for seats, doors, dashboard, roof pillars and headliner.

In addition to choice de Sede leathers the seats also feature a unique soft-touch padding structure with areas of gradual firmness that are custom-tailored to the human body. The result is exceptional seating comfort combined with excellent lateral support.

Maximum comfort is paramount in the rear compartment too: Custom-developed individual seats for the rear mirror the front-seat design, and come with a custom-tailored center console covered with the finest de Sede leather. The integrated compartment for drinks, snacks and storage is lined with elegant Microsede material and features illuminated glass holders for the two Rosenthal® glasses with engraved TechArt MAGNUM logo. A small refrigerated compartment is hidden behind a precious-wood lid between the rear seatbacks.

The TechArt interior line 'de Sede of Switzerland' also features a state-of-the-art multimedia system. Two LCD touch screens are integrated into the back of the front headrests. Rear passengers can choose between watching a DVD on the 6-disc DVD changer or programs from the integrated digital TV tuner. They also serve as monitors for playing games on a Playstation2 game console. The sound is carried by wireless RF hi-fi headphones.

Color-coordinated carpets with de Sede leather borders and embroidered TechArt logo round out the design concept in the interior and even in the trunk. TechArt further adds color-coordinated instruments, sporty aluminum or hand-made precious-wood applications as well as a sport-steering wheel covered with comfortable de Sede.

With the TechArt interior line 'de Sede of Switzerland' the two partners offer a unique interior design that brings the legendary comfort of a de Sede sofa to the automobile.

The MAGNUM is based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. With it, TechArt Automobildesign offers not just exclusive interior design but also dominating power and a strikingly styled exterior.

With the TechArt TA 048/T3 performance kit the twin-turbo V8 engine delivers 600 hp / 442 kW and a peak torque of 865 Nm. The 4x4 storms from rest to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 292 km/h.

The perfect complement to the power kit is the TechArt fully stainless-steel TechArt sport exhaust system. Cayenne owners can choose to combine the rear muffler with the stock tailpipes of the car or with four chrome-plated TechArt tailpipes.

The fender flares of the TechArt MAGNUM body conversion add eight centimeters to the width of the SUV from Zuffenhausen. That means there's room for king-size 10Jx22 one-piece TechArt Formula or the new Formula II multi-piece design light-alloy wheels all around. The ContiCrossContact UHP tires in size 295/30 ZR 22 on front and rear axles are approved on the Cayenne for speeds up 300 km/h.

The TechArt MAGNUM front apron looks great with its strikingly styled large air inlets. It features two fog lamps and two high beams, and its refined shape reduces lift on the front axle at high speeds.

The TechArt MAGNUM side sills form a harmonious transition between front and rear fender flares.

The TechArt MAGNUM rear apron features custom cutouts for the two intertwined oval-shaped tailpipes of the stainless-steel TechArt sport exhaust system. An integrated diffuser helps reduce lift on the rear axle.

TechArt Automobildesign further refines the Cayenne body with headlight moldings, a three-piece tail lamp molding and a rear panel that carries the shape of the rear apron over to the tailgate.

The new TechArt hood is strikingly styled and features air outlets for improved venting of hot air from the engine bay, thus contributing to a thermally healthy engine.
TechArt Automobildesign also modifies the suspension of the widened Cayenne extensively. For vehicles equipped with air suspension there is the TechArt sport module, which can lower the ride height of the SUV for on-road operations by up to 60 millimeter. For tough off-road use the ride height can be increased by up to 70 millimeters.
TechArt Automobildesign can also refine the Cayenne interior in countless ways. The options for the Porsche Cayenne range from exclusive cockpit accessories to the completion of the leather interior available ex-factory to an entirely new individual TechArt fully leather interior. Also available is a stylishly integrated state-of-the-art multimedia system.

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