Omnitek Engineering has developed a line of natural-gas burning diesel engines and also sells conversion kits that can be retrofitted to other engines. The company is an offshoot of Nology Engineering, a familiar name in the aftermarket for its fuel-injection and ignition products used on high-performance street machines and race cars.

The diesel conversions are in high demand but Omnitek is seeking additional capital investment to continue product development. Officials know that pollution and fuel economy are hot topics, especially in developing nations where diesel buses and trucks emit tons of smog. Many of those countries have abundant natural gas supplies, so conversions make sense. Omnitek already has shipped more than 2,000 conversions to India. And the Port of Long Beach wants to expand a test program on converting trucks that move containers. Converting a diesel engine costs about $15,000 while installing a new natural-gas engine is $30,000.

[Source: Keith Darce / San Diego Union Tribune]

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