Rendered Speculation: Next-gen VW sport hatch

You can probably guess how much fun reading our mail is here at Autoblog. Tips and comments come flooding in all day and all night. Sometimes the tips are good, sometimes not so much, and sometimes we just can't figure them out. Whether it's a missing link, an incorrect link, or a link to a foreign language site, we sometimes have to pass on what might have been a great post. Of course, there are times when just the graphic is enough to create a post, because it is so compelling. Despite a lack of information, we occasionally decide to run a story with little or no supporting material. As you can probably guess, this is one of those times. We got this tip about an artist's interpretation of a future VW. Whether it's supposed to be a new Polo or Golf is unknown, but it definitely has style to spare and we felt like it was interesting enough to share with all of you. The best guess at a translation of the text is printed after the jump.

Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

[Source: Sina Blog]

Submitted as part of the public Spring Festival in design, this is a concept for the GOL brand, not to be confused with GOLF. The design took seven hours, with hand rendering in Photoshop. The car known as the "Pol" is regarded as the young man's " sport car," so the design goal was expressing the spirit of the "pol" in a new model. Based on the old model, the car expresses its sportiness with a stance like an athlete who is crouching at the starting line, straining for a quick take-off. That feeling of excitement and energy was lacking in the old "pol, which has been refered to as a "campaign train" by young people in China. To better reflect the athletic spirit, the designer created the shape and design layout with GOL design features, with the promise of movement that lies in its ability to reflect more emotion. I just want it to be at the starting line with a squatting athlete's ready posture, a feeling that is not embodied in the former GOL! Hope that's close enough. Cool concept with almost a two-door Tiguan crossover look to it. Definitely less boring than some other current VeeDubs.

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