Apparently not everyone in Stuttgart is thrilled about the deal that Chrysler has struck with Chery to assemble small cars for sale outside of China. Erich Kelmm is chairman of the DaimlerChrysler works council and thinks having DCX branded cars built by other companies is a bad strategy. The works council represents company employees and has representatives from all the company unions. Reps from the works council also sit on the corporate supervisory board.

Klemm is also skeptical about DaimlerChrysler cooperating with other larger Chinese manufacturers like FAW or SAIC and thinks they pose a threat to European manufacturers and autoworkers' jobs. He also thinks that the wide open shareholder structure of companies like DCX without a dominant shareholder is unsustainable. Klemm prefers a system like Porsche and BMW that are controlled by large family holdings and are more stable over the long term. This last idea is particularly dubious, since not all such enterprises work out that well. Take a look at Ford where forty percent of the voting shares are controlled by the Ford family, and even Porsche had it's problems in the late eighties and early nineties.

[Source: Just-Auto - sub. req'd]

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