Slideshow of NYC's first automated parking garage

UPDATE: Video from Popular Mechanics added after jump

We already told you about AutoMotion's New York garage. It's that nifty robotic parking garage that promised to do a much better job than the country's first attempt at automated parking in New Jersey. That was the one that managed to drop a Cadillac Deville and a Jeep from pretty high up. It also trapped approximately 300 vehicles inside for 26 hours when the city's contract with the software company responsible for running the garage expired. That situation has been cleared up, apparently, and hopes for the new garage in NY are high as well.

The new robotic garage opened in Chinatown in early February. Built and run by AutoMotion Parking Systems, it stores 67 cars underground in the same amount of space a traditional garage could only fit 24. All for just $25/day or $400/month, which seems to be competitive for NYC parking. AutoMotion claims there's next-to no chance of any problems like those experienced in NJ. And now we have a slideshow from the New York Times portraying the whole process step-by-step. Click the read link to see the M3 convertible disappear into the bowels of the system and return to the surface unscathed.

[Source: The New York Times, Popular Mechanics]

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