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Dubya's DTS and other presidential conveyances

In a rare behind-the-scenes look, the Cadillac & LaSalle Club's Potomac Regional Director, Vince Taliano, was granted permission to spend a day in the Secret Service motorpool garages. Fortunately, he documented the day in pictures, and shared the experience with Hemmings and therefore all of us on the interweb.

Taliano got to see the current fleet of cars, including Dubya's personal Caddy. It's based on the Cadillac DTS and was first unveiled at the 2005 Inauguration Parade. General Motors says it is hand-built with a jet-black clearcoat finish. This particular DTS is also a lot longer, wider and taller than the one you can get at your local Cadillac dealer. In the interest of national security, the limo features state-of-the-art protection and communications systems. And to make it a better rolling office, the interior has been redone to include a hidden foldaway desktop and reclining adaptive rear seats, which "senses the position of the occupant in the seat and automatically adjusts the cushion for added comfort." Pretty slick. Click the read link for more photos and personal observations on the cars and the trip. We found it a good read worth our time.

[Source: Caddie Chronicle via Hemmings]

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